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5 Steps To Trigger A Creative Breakthrough

Our thoughts are considered to be one of the true freedoms we have as humans. We can create entire worlds, alternate realities, interactions, futures, and limitless possibility simply by thinking it. And this IS creation — pure creativity — not in the palm of your hand, but in your very

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Easily Develop C41 Color Film at Home

This is a complete guide to easily learn how to home develop C41 color film in your kitchen or bathroom without any special equipment. In fact I’ve been home developing C41 for only a short while but I’ve learnt a lot that should help you get started quickly and easily.

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Push Developing Kodak Tri-X 400

An example of this is pushing film where you shoot and develop your film at a different speed than what it’s rated for. I recently developed some older rolls of Kodak Tri-X 400 which were deliberately shot two stops under (at 1600), and then processed two stops over as if

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Jeremy Billett


I’m Jeremy Billett, an Australian landscape photographer, explorer and writer.

A still image holds the power to break you from routine. With one frame a photograph can make you feel, make you think, or push you to question your place in the world.

I want you to reflect and ask questions when you see my work.

Question how these places came to be, and what stories they hold within. Question our reliance on the world we are breaking. Question the ritual. Question where you belong.

I hope to challenge your perspective and appreciation of the world around you, and your place in it.

Join me in finding your way along old paths through ancient forests, lost valleys and vast seas.

Seek silence.

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Competitions & Exhibitions

  • Head On Photo Awards 2022 (Landscape) – Semi Finalist

  • The Mono Awards 2022 (Places) – Highly Commended

  • Wilderness Photographer of the Year 2021 (Places) – Highly Commended

  • Australian Photography Awards 2020 (Documentary) – Finalist

  • Exhibition – Just Photos, 2019 – The Old Kirk, Yamba NSW

  • Exhibition – Images of the Clarence, 2018 – Hilton Gallery, Harwood NSW

  • Clarence River Arts Festival 2018 (Open Photography) – Winner

  • Focus Awards 2017 (Landscapes) – Silver

  • Focus Awards 2017 (Black & White) – Silver