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A curated list of the best landscape photography and related outdoor resources that I’ve personally created or found useful to help make your next photography adventure easier.

Ultimate Exposure Computer (You)

Fred Parker’s fantastic guide to learning how to read light and determine exposure with your eyes is a must read for all landscape and nature photographers.

Ultimate Expsoure Computer

How To Photograph the Milky Way

Ian and Diana at Lonely Speck have put together some incredible tutorials and how to guides for astrophotography.

If you want to shoot the night sky and Milky Way there’s no better place to start.

Astrophotography 101

Easy Way Photography

Adam is an incredible, award winning Australian landscape photographer who teaches photographers how to visualise and post process their work to best tell their story. As a member of the AIPP and an accredited Adobe Photoshop expert, his techniques are simple and powerful.

Easy Way Photography

How to Develop Colour Film at Home

Follow a simplified, low gear, no fluff guide to home developing your own C41 colour film.

Develop C41 Film From Home


The analog photography Reddit community is extremely friendly and very helpful. They’ve got a great wiki with guides and resources for almost anything related to film photography.


By Land Podcast & Blog

Emory runs a fascinating blog and podcast to help teach and simplify all aspects of backpacking, hiking and camping. He’s a super chill dude with a tonne of experience from his hike of the PCT and many other trails.

By Land By Land Podcast

Backpacking Recipes

A delicious database of backpacking and dehydrated meals by Chef Glenn McAllister to make your trip more enjoyable (and they’re great to double as work lunches).

Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace defines the modern outdoor philosophy based around minimizing our impacts on wild places for protection and conservation.