Landscape Photography Resources

A curated list of the best landscape photography and outdoor resources to help you envision, execute and create purpose driven images that bring your creativity to life.


Photography Resources

Master your camera, composition and foundational photography skills.

How to Develop Color Film at Home

This is my easy and minimalist approach to home developing C41 colour film from home without special equipment.

Ultimate Exposure Computer

Fred Parker’s complete guide to reading light and determining exposure with your eyes is a must read for all landscape and nature photographers.

Dave Morrow

Dave is a full time wilderness explorer and landscape photographer, sharing videos of many of his trips and photography advice.

He spends 9+ months each year in the wild photographing incredible locations.


Observation & Outdoor Skills

Connect with nature and explore landscapes safely.

A Beginner's Guide to Wild Camping

My complete guide of everything you need to know about wilderness or bush camping in Australia.

How To Start Camping Solo

A video episode walking through my top solo camping tips so you can get started camping on your own safely and easily.

By Land Blog & Podcast

Emory runs a fascinating blog and podcast to help teach and simplify all aspects of backpacking and hiking.

Survival Training

Gordon Dedman runs Bushcraft Survival Australia with incredible first hand knowledge of survival in the Aussie bush.

He runs workshops throughout Australia and has free resources through his YouTube channel.

Scotty's Gone Walkabouts

Scott is an Australian hiking and camping YouTube creator with a unique perspective and respect for the Australian environemnt.

How to Navigate

This incredibly useful guidebook by Australian hiker Caro Ryan is one of the best instructional guides I’ve read for learning to navigate using a map and compass.


Creativity & Workflow

Practice the processes and habits behind creativity and growth.

I’m still putting these resources together, if you have any suggestions please let me know.


Printing, Books & Sales

Bring your photography to life with prints, books and generate an income.

I’m still putting these resources together, if you have any suggestions please let me know.